Volume & Issue: Volume 13, Issue 1, March 2022, Pages 1-84 
The Schultz Index for Product Graphs

Pages 1-17

Jhon Jane Aguilar-Alarcon; Gerardo Reyna-Hernandez; Jesus Romero-Valencia; Omar Rosario-Cayetano

On the Difference of Atom-Bond Connectivity Index and Randić Index with Some Topological Indices

Pages 19-32

Roslan Hasni; Mohamad Nazri Husin; Fateme Movahedi; Rudrusamy Gobithaasan; Mohammad Hadi Akhbari

Maximum Variable Connectivity Index of n-Vertex Trees

Pages 33-44

Shamaila Yousaf; Akhlaq Ahmad Bhatti

QSPR Analysis of Some Novel Extension and Generalization of Sombor Index

Pages 73-84

Ankur Bharali; Jibonjyoti Buragohain; Amitav Doley