On the Difference of Atom-Bond Connectivity Index and Randić Index with Some Topological Indices

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1 Special Interest Group on Modelling and Data Analytics (SIGMDA),‎ ‎ Faculty of Ocean Engineering Technology and Informatics,‎‎ University Malaysia Terengganu,‎‎ 21030 UMT Kuala Nerus,‎‎Terengganu, ‎ Malaysia

2 Department of Mathematics,‎ Faculty of Science‎, ‎Golestan University,‎‎ Gorgan‎, ‎Iran

3 Department of Mathematics,‎‎ Estahban Branch‎, ‎Islamic Azad University,‎ Estahban, ‎ Iran‎


Assume denotes a connected and simple graph with edge set  E(G) as well as vertex set ‎V(G). ‎In chemical graph theory‎, ‎the atom-bond connectivity index, as well as the Randić index of graph are two well-defined topological indices‎. ‎In addition‎, ‎Ali and Du [On the difference between  ABC and Randić indices of binary and chemical trees‎, ‎Int‎. ‎J‎. ‎Quantum Chem‎. ‎(2017) e25446] recently unveiled the distinction between Randić and ABC indices‎. ‎In this report‎, ‎we study the link between the difference of Randić and ABC indices with certain well-studied topological indices‎. 


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