Half-Century Journey from Synthetic Organic Chemistry to Mathematical Stereochemistry through Chemoinformatics

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Shonan Institute of Chemoinformatics and Mathematical Chemistry


My half-century journey started from synthetic organic chemistry. During the first stage of my journey, my interest in stereochemistry was initiated through the investigation on the participation of steric effects in reactive intermediates, cylophanes, strained heterocycles, and organic compounds for photography. In chemoinformatics as the next stage of the journey, I proposed the concept of imaginary transition structures (ITSs) as computer-oriented representation of organic reactions. My interest was stimulated to attack combinatorial enumeration through the investigation on enumeration of subgraphs of ITSs. Stereochemistry and combinatorial enumeration was combined in my interest, so that I reached mathematical stereochemistry as the final stage of my journey. Fujita's unit-subduced-cycle-index (USCI) approach, Fujita's proligand method, and Fujita's stereoisogram approach were developed, so as to integrate van't Hoff's way (asymmetry, stereogenicity) and Le Bel's way (dissymmetry, chirality), which caused continuous confusion in the history of stereochemistry.


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