Type-Itemized Enumeration of RS-Stereoisomers of Octahedral Complexes

Document Type : Research Paper


Shonan Institute of Chemoinformatics and Mathematical Chemistry


Stereoisograms of octahedral complexes are classified into five types (type I--typeV) under the action of the corresponding RS-stereoisomeric group. Their enumeration is accomplished in a type-itemized fashion, where Fujita's proligand method developed originally for combinatorial enumeration under point groups (S. Fujita, Theor. Chem. Acc., 113, 73--79 (2005)) is extended to meet the requirement of Fujita's stereoisogram approach. The cycle index with chirality fittingness (CI-CF) of the point group O_h is modulated by taking account of the CI-CF for calculating type-V quadruplets contained in stereoisograms. The modulated CI-CF is combined with a CI-CF of the maximum chiral point group (O), a CI-CF of the maximum RS-permutation group, a CI-CF of the maximum ligand-reflection group, and a CI-CF of the RS-stereoisomeric group, so as to generate CI-CFs for evaluating type-I to type-V quadruplets. By introducing ligand-inventory functions into the CI-CFs, the numbers of quadruplets ofoctahedral complexes are obtained and shown in tabular forms. Several stereoisograms for typical complexes are depicted. Their configuration indices and C/A-descriptors are discussed on the basis of Fujita's stereoisogram approach.


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