Steiner Wiener Index of Complete m-Ary Trees

Document Type : Review Article


Department of mathematics, Faculty of natural and computational science, Woldia University, Woldia, Ethiopia


Let $G$ be a connected graph with vertex set $V(G)$ and edge set $E(G)$. For a subset $S$ of $V(G)$, the Steiner distance $d(S)$ of $S$ is the minimum size of a connected subgraph whose vertex
set contains $S$. For an integer $k$ with $2 \le k \le n - 1$, the $k$-th Steiner Wiener index of a graph $G$ is defined as
$SW_k(G) = \sum_{\substack{S\subseteq V(G)\\ |S|=k}}d(S)$. In this paper, we present exact values of the $k$-th Steiner Wiener index of complete $m$-ary trees by using inclusion-excluision principle for various values of $k$.


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