A N‎ote on Revised Szeged ‎Index of ‎Graph ‎Operations

Document Type : Research Paper


Sirjan University of Technology


Let $G$ be a finite and simple graph with edge set $E(G)$‎. ‎The revised Szeged index is defined as‎
‎$Sz^{*}(G)=\sum_{e=uv\in E(G)}(n_u(e|G)+\frac{n_{G}(e)}{2})(n_v(e|G)+\frac{n_{G}(e)}{2}),$‎
‎where $n_u(e|G)$ denotes the number of vertices in $G$ lying closer to $u$ than to $v$ and‎
‎$n_{G}(e)$ is the number of‎
‎equidistant vertices of $e$ in $G$‎.
‎In this paper‎, ‎we compute the revised Szeged index of the‎
‎join and corona product of graphs‎.


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