Computing the Szeged Index of 4,4 ׳-Bipyridinium Dendrimer

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Shar-e-Ray Branch,Iran

2 Islamic Azad University, Izeh Branch, Khouzestan, Iran


Let e be an edge of a G connecting the vertices u and v. Define two sets N1 (e | G) and N2(e |G) as N1(e | G)= {xV(G) d(x,u) d(x,v)} and N2(e | G)= {xV(G) d(x,v) d(x,u) }.The number of elements of N1(e | G) and N2(e | G) are denoted by n1(e | G) and n2(e | G) , respectively. The Szeged index of the graph G is defined as Sz(G) ( ) ( ) 1 2 n e G n e G e E    . In this paper we compute the Szeged index of a 4,4 ׳-Bipyridinium dendrimer.