Distance-based Topological Indices of Tensor Product of Graphs

Document Type : Research Paper


University of Kashan


Let G and H be connected graphs. The tensor product G + H is a graph with vertex set V(G+H) = V (G) X V(H) and edge set E(G + H) ={(a , b)(x , y)| ax ∈ E(G) & by ∈ E(H)}. The graph H is called the strongly triangular if for every vertex u and v there exists a vertex w adjacent to both of them. In this article the tensor product of G + H under some distancebased topological indices are investigated, when H is a strongly triangular graph. As a special case most of results given by Hoji, Luob and Vumara in [Wiener and vertex PI indices of Kronecker products of graphs, Discrete Appl. Math., 158 (2010), 1848-1855] will be deduced.


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