Some New Results On the Hosoya Polynomial of Graph Operations

Document Type : Research Paper


University of Tehran, Tehran, I. R. Iran


The Wiener index is a graph invariant that has found extensive application in chemistry. In addition to that a generating function, which was called the Wiener polynomial, who’s derivate is a q-analog of the Wiener index was defined. In an article, Sagan, Yeh and Zhang in [The Wiener Polynomial of a graph, Int. J. Quantun Chem., 60 (1996), 959969] attained what graph operations do to the Wiener polynomial. By considering all the results that Sagan et al. admitted for Wiener polynomial on graph operations for each two connected and nontrivial graphs, in this article we focus on deriving Wiener polynomial of graph operations, Join, Cartesian product, Composition, Disjunction and Symmetric difference on n graphs and Wiener indices of them.