Generalized Schultz and Gutman Indices

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Mathematics, Bearys Institute of Technology, Mangaluru-574199, Karnataka, INDIA

2 Department of Mathematics, Bangalore University, Janabharathi Campus, Bengaluru-560 056, Karnataka, INDIA


The degree and distance both are significant concepts
in graphs with widespread utilization. The combined study of
these concepts has given a new direction to the topological in-
dices. In this article, we present the generalized degree distance
indices (Generalized First Schultz indices) DD(a;b), and generalized
Gutman indices (Second Schultz indices) ZZ(a;b). The computed
values of these indices on certain families of graphs along with some
bounds and characterizations are obtained. Also, we present the
relationship between DD(a;b) and ZZ(a;b). Further, we present the
Schultz polynomials along with the statistical analysis of certain


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