Kato's chaos and P-chaos of a coupled lattice system given by Garcia Guirao and Lampart which is related with Belusov-Zhabotinskii reaction

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Guangdong Ocean University


In this article, we further consider the above system. In particular, we give a sufficient condition under which the above system is Kato chaotic for $\eta=0$ and a necessary condition for the above system to be Kato chaotic for $\eta=0$. Moreover, it is deduced that for $\eta=0$, if $\Theta$ is P-chaotic then so is this system, where a continuous map $\Theta$ from a compact metric space $Z$ to itself is said to be P-chaotic if it has the pseudo-orbit-tracing property and the closure of the set of all periodic points for $\Theta$ is the space $Z$. Also, an example and three open problems are presented.



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