Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 3, Summer 2018, Pages 167-239 (This issue is under progress, but published paper are citable.) 
2. One-Alpha Descriptor

Pages 179-186

D. Vukičević; Z. Yarahmadi

4. On Reciprocal Complementary Wiener Index of a Graph

Pages 201-212

H. S. Ramane; V. B. Joshi; V. V. Manjalapur; S. D. Shindhe

5. The F–Index for some Special Graphs and some Properties of the F–Index

Pages 213-225

A. Yousefi; A. Iranmanesh; A. A. Dobrynin; A. Tehranian

6. On the Bicyclic Graphs with Minimum Reduced Reciprocal Randic Index

Pages 227-239

A. Ali; S. Elumalai; S. Wang; D. Dimitrov